Polka dot fashion tulle tights - Flores B06

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Discover elegance and unique style with Flores B06 tights from Marilyn! These 40-denier tights will provide you with comfort and durability for any occasion. Their unique micro mesh structure adds lightness and airiness, while black peas are a fashionable and timeless accessory that will add character to any styling.

Choose Flores B06 and feel special every day!

Come in 40 denier, micro mesh tulle structure, fashionable and timeless polka dot pattern, flat seams, small gusset, ultra-comfortable elastic waistband,  invisible toe reinforcement


Composition: 89% polyamide, 10% elastane, 1% cotton.


Made in Europe


MARILYN brand was established in 1992 in Poland, Europe. Over the 20 years of business activity the company progressively built and enhanced its position in the hosiery industry. Now, it features the latest generation of luxury goods. The MARILYN range includes: classic line, seasonal fashion line, the line of exclusive hosiery Lux Line and  quality shaping wear line Slim Emotion. 


MARILYN brand is addressed to the modern women who appreciate  comfort living and urban chic in a very tasteful way.  Thanks to the modern and rigorous quality control MARILYN products are considered to be the highest quality products.


The company has been awarded the prestigious title EXCELLENCE FASHION by luxury women's magazine "Your Style" twice. In 2012, MARILYN received the award for the rapidly growing business: Business Gazelle 2011. Company is also in possession of ISO certificate 9001:2009 relating to the company quality management system.